Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boz Zellinger for Wake County District Attorney

It's not election season in my mind. There have been political signs up in yards and lining the main thoroughfares of Raleigh, but I honestly hadn't given them much thought. It's not time to elect a mayor, any of city council, any type of congress people, or governor, so I wasn't paying attention.

As it turns out, that's a huge mistake.

This "little" election that is coming up on May 6? The primary involving the seat for Wake County District Attorney that has become vacant after 28 years? It's hugely important.

You see, the Wake County District Attorney is the only district attorney who is responsible for investigating and prosecuting corruption in North Carolina's statewide elected officials.

We aren't just electing someone who needs to be a stellar prosecutor with a proven track record getting justice for victims in Wake County. We are electing someone who will be looking out for our entire state.

It's really hugely important.

On May 6, Wake County will hold a primary. If you are a registered Democrat or unaffiliated, then my message is for you.

We need to elect Assistant District Attorney Boz Zellinger to run as the Democratic candidate for Wake County District Attorney. It is that simple of a message.

We need to show up at the polls on May 6, and we need to vote for Boz Zellinger.

Boz Zellinger is endorsed by former Congressman Brad Miller, the State Employees Association of North Carolina, Indy Week, and little old me.

His opponent, Lorrin Freeman, has many endorsements as well. She is a capable woman, and Lord knows we need more women in elected positions, but there are two big problems here. She isn't as qualified for the position, and in the main election, I'm afraid the Republicans and their supporters will eat her for lunch. Unfortunately for Ms. Freeman, the bail bond scandal that cost Wake County Public Schools over $900,000 happened under her watch. Regardless of her innocence in the matter, a scandal like that occurring under her management? Can you imagine the attack ads? They write themselves.

We need Boz Zellinger because he is a proven criminal litigator. He is the better candidate. He can win the general election and become the best District Attorney for Wake County.

He has been trusted with some of the biggest trials Wake County has seen in recent years. Grant Hayes, Amanda Hayes, the Oakwood home invasions, and virtually every trial with an intense public eye on it has been skillfully handled by Boz Zellinger. He is trained by the Secret Service in digital forensics, and he is the only Democratic candidate who has ever tried a criminal case before a jury.

I have faith in North Carolina. I have faith that Pat McCroy will only serve one term as governor (knock on everything wood surrounding me). I have faith that we will put a Democrat back in the Governor's Mansion, and that the legislature will follow suit.

And that faith is why I think this primary is so important. We need Boz Zellinger as the District Attorney for Wake County because we need him doing his job, as he has proven he does so very well. We need a Democrat as the District Attorney of Wake County who will fairly protect the state of North Carolina from corruption at the state level of elected officials.

We need Boz Zellinger to win this primary. He needs you to vote.

Need information on the upcoming election? Click here.

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