Life list

1. Find the life partner intended for me. (Married him. July 2006.)
2. Become a mama. (January 2008 and January 2010)
3. Breastfeed. (January 2008 through present)
4. Move out of Mississippi. (June 1998 for the final time)
5. Travel to Italy.
6. Travel to Greece.
7. Feed an elephant.
8. Paint with watercolors (well).
9. Throw a pot. On a wheel. Not at a wall.
10. Sell a song to Nashville.
11. Record an album that is my vision, saying NO when I mean no and YES when I mean yes.
12. Hike every trail in Montreat.
13. See every waterfall in North Carolina.
14. Play with a major symphony. (September 2004 and June 2006, North Carolina Symphony. Sorry, Tar River Symphony, I'm not counting you.)
15. Write for a major symphony. (See above.)
16. Be on a number one album. Any chart will do. (Bill Leslie's Christmas in Carolina and I Am a River - backing vocals)
17. Write a poem for every original painting I own.
18. Learn to bake a loaf of bread using yeast.
19. Start a foundation.
20. Relearn algebra.
21. Learn calculus.
22. Never own more stuff than will comfortably fit in 90% of the space in my home.
23. Unlearn eating as a reward.
24. Learn all the Chopin Preludes.
25. Play all the Beethoven Sonatas.
26. Write and publish a book of intermediate piano literature.
27. Start an Etsy shop.
28. Make a quilt. A real one, not a rag quilt.
29. Record a jazz album with my husband.
30. Find my niche.
31. Plant a fig tree.
32. Cultivate roses.
33. Attend my 20 year high school reunion and be nice to people.
34. Raise a puppy with my children. Teach them how to train a dog.
35. Learn to play golf.
36. Travel to Morocco.
37. Travel to Turkey.
38. Travel to Brazil.
39. Live in another country. (1994, London)
40. Make Anasura yoga a daily part of my life.