Friday, September 18, 2009

Flying by

I had this moment of realization today. Bird is growing up. I know that's not a brilliant deduction or anything, but it just became glaringly clear.

There are videos that I want to take of him and the way he talks right now in this moment so I can remember his baby voice.

There are lists of words that he says that I want to write down.

There are stories I want to tell about his new t-ball set and how much he loves all balls now.

I want to record how he says "Grover" in his best Grover growly voice.

So much of what is going on, I want to put here in this space. To share and to make sure that I remember it. But lately, I've been too busy living it. It's going too fast now to experience it and record it properly.

I hope I find a balance soon, because it's all too rich to miss out on.