Saturday, August 05, 2006

People have been telling me and Guy that we have been in the "honeymoon stage" since the day we started dating. There are those who are rooting for us to continue that way forever and those who follow the observation with their sentiments of how it won't last.

I'm here to say that it hadn't even started yet.

Two weeks as a married couple and we can't seem to even come close to getting enough of each other. Today was Saturday. We had all sorts of mature plans to do yard work and run errands. Before we knew it, 11:30 rolled around and we had just finished breakfast after laying in bed talking all morning. Yes, talking.

What I remember most distinctly about the day I met Guy is the sound of his voice. I am not a person with a long attention span. If there is other conversation in the room especially, I cannot concentrate on a single person for very long. If you mix that in with work, I am even worse. I met Guy at work, and there were several other people in the room, yet somehow, I could not quit listening to him. Usually, I want someone to say what they have to say and move on at work, but not Guy. If I thought he was going to quit talking, I found myself asking another question just to see what he would say next. I didn't think I was attracted to him, and there wasn't anything to it then, but I can't help but look back now and wonder how I missed that significant point.

Two and a half years later, I'm sitting next to him on the couch, our dueling laptops running, as his wife. His Schmoopie, in fact. We made it to Montreat and did get married in our Birkenstocks. The preacher wore flip-flops.

Our best couple friends went with us to be witnesses. She is a violinist and he is a hot air balloon pilot. I always follow that up with, "It's his for real job, no joke." She gigs on the weekends and he had a job in Asheville later in the week, so we opted to get married on a Monday. This time, the marriage was the focus and not the wedding. We didn't care what day or what time, just that the end result left us as husband and wife. I did make a bouquet of red roses and ordered a cake from my favorite bakery, the
Square Rabbit. Guy and I picked up the cake with fair warning from Rebecca that it probably wouldn't travel well. She was so right. It completely fell apart on the drive through the mountains, but that didn't stop us from taking spoons to it later and eating chunks and lumps of lemon-y buttercream goodness.

Here's to the honeymoon. Day 20 and counting.