Saturday, August 16, 2008

The house hunting continues

Holy crap. Kevin showed me this house tonight. I didn't want to look at the pictures, but we did. It turned out not to disappoint, earning it's own blog post in the series of incredibly bad houses for sale.

Here's the kitchen. The cabinets are probably older than me, but thank goodness they put in granite countertops and cheap appliances with some stainless on them. Now? It's a gourmet kitchen. Right.

Here is the room where you pile up all of your crap. Why? Why would you take a picture of this room and think that it would help you sell your house?

Ah, an extra bedroom. If you are a bird.

But best of all? That is a DISCO BALL in the cubby next to the fireplace. Most people would put firewood in that cubby. But not this house. This house comes with a disco ball in the cubby.

Someone had better snatch this one up quickly. It's a catch.