Monday, October 11, 2010

What a little boy needs

Today, while Colin napped, Christopher and I got out a roll of paper and some crayons. He lay down on his back and let me trace him. I used to love to do this - I remember it as a popular Sunday School activity for some reason. Trace the child and then let the child draw on features and clothes.

He was so excited when he stood up and saw his outline on the paper. 

"Look, Mama! See that? That's His-Pher!"

I drew a big smile on his face, and he added two eyes. We talked about what color he would use for his hair (yellow) and what color he might want to make his shoes (blue). Of course, he didn't do either of those, he just went to town with his red crayon.

He colored his way down his torso, stopping when he got right below his waistline.

"Where's my penis, Mama?"

"Um. I didn't draw your penis, Sweetie."

"But, Mama, I need a penis."

"Okay then." I take my blue crayon and add this:

A penis. Because he wanted one. His daddy is going to be so proud.