Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I'm just grumpy. No fun to be around. Grumpy.

Stupid spring. Stupid trees budding and making my allergies try and kill me. Making me grumpy.

My mind jumps around so quickly that I can't even remember what I was going to write about by the time I open the page. It's frustrating.

Know what annoys me? When you have a friend request out to someone on Facebook, and their privacy settings are such that you can see when they become friends with someone else. But they just leave your friend request outstanding. Dude. Grow a pair and hit "ignore." Whatever. I just click over and rescind the request. It's not a big deal. Just annoying.

Know what else annoyed me? The really stupid flower delivery person who walked into the hospice room next door to my daddy's with a basketball shaped balloon that said on it, "Bounce Back Soon." I was standing in the hallway with Daddy's hospice case worked and tried to get her to stop the delivery person, but she didn't even get why. Um, really? "Bounce Back Soon?" Granted, it turned out that she was just carrying more than one delivery and that particular balloon wasn't for the hospice patient, but still. Couldn't make two trips? Really?

Know what else annoys me? Bras. My belly. My skin.

Also annoying? City of Raleigh home inspectors. Plumbing inspector #1 comes and wants some of the interior pipes changed. Plumber changes pipes. For the re-inspection, plumbing inspector #2 comes and wants the connection under the house changed. Really? You couldn't give us a freaking complete list of what needed to be changed the first time? No. You couldn't. Because Raleigh home inspection is based on the opinion of whatever redneck they happen to send out that day.

See? Grumpy. Snarky.

I could use a donut. But we are trying to give up refined sugar. That. Is also. Annoying.

Know a good joke? I could use a chuckle.