Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Because little girls love their granddaddies

Updated below

J over at Oh the Joys lost her grandfather yesterday. What do you do for someone who you have never officially met and lives too far away to take a casserole?

I was hoping that we could let her know we understand.

Being still relatively new to the blogosphere, I'm sort of making this up as I go along. I thought though, that whoever has a mind to do so, could write about their grandfather in honor of J's Ady. What a great name, by the way, Ady. If you will, leave a comment here linking to your post about your grandfather, and we'll get them over to J.

My granddaddy was my best friend. That is not the first time I have typed that on this blog. This is us on his birthday. I was 18 and he was turning 80.

I hope there are at least a couple of you who can join in and leave a word or two about your grandfather(s). Then when J joins back in the blogging, she will know we have been thinking about her and her family.


AcadeMama left her story in the comments. That is also a great idea. If you haven't already, please say a little something about your grandfather. Or you could just pop over and read what J wrote to her grandfather and leave her a comment directly.


  1. You have such a good heart. First, the thing that you emailed me about, and now this lovely gesture. You amaze me.

  2. What a wonderful idea!!!

    I'll be back with a link...

  3. I'll just leave my story here since it's brief. My grandfather - Poppy J.D. - was literally one of the best men that's ever lived. He helped build churches in Mexico, he helped build homeless shelters in my homestate, and he treated my grandmother like a queen. He was always willing to take me fishing and patiently watch as I'd get bored, reel the line in, and re-cast, over and over again. My most favorite memory of him is that he always used to promise me that if I could just be quiet for 5 minutes, he'd give me the "button off his draw'rs." Well, he died much too early, when I was only 10. My grandmother remembered his promise to me (he'd had to make it thousands of times over the years, no doubt), and she explained that Poppy J.D. didn't actually have buttons on his draw'rs because he wore boxers. But, she cut the snap off a pair and gave them to me anyway. That snap is one of my most prized possessions, and every time I hold it, I think of him and I'm quiet. For just 5 minutes.

  4. I'm working on a post too.

    I loved my Grampa.

    Heck, I loved YOUR Granddaddy! He was such a wonderful man, and I'm so happy that I got to know him! Such a gentleman -- and did you mention his incredible needlepoint and soft voice? He brought joy to everyone lucky enough to get to know him.

  5. My post can be found at -- http://toddlerplanet.wordpress.com/2007/02/08/remembering-pop-pop/

  6. You just made me cry. In a good way. Thank you so much.