Thursday, April 02, 2009

On Notice

Little Bird grows faster than I can type apparently. He turned 14 months old last week, and I've barely had a moment to write about him.

During the day, we are too busy. I have a moment here and there to check in on Facebook and my moms' board, but to sit down and write an entire blog post? Get out of town. It ain't happening.

At night, I'm exhausted. Too tired to craft sentences that might possibly be artistic or meaningful. Some nights, that second glass of wine after the baby has gone to bed just wipes me out for any thought process. Plus, we recently got cable. I haven't had cable in years. Years, I tell you. It's amazing. Within the first few days, I already found myself ordering some skin care crap because Cindy Crawford told me to. I am too freaking gullible to have cable.

Anyway, Bird has been up to some tricks lately. It's amazing really. Everyday, he will do something new that shows me how much he is learning. They are little things to record, but such big things to a mama.

If he sees a set of keys, he picks them up and goes to the front door to try and "unlock" it.

He sits with a book in his lap, turns the pages, and "reads" out loud.

On his Music Together CD's, there are rhythm and tonal call and response exercises. He now "responds" to them, even if it isn't on pitch or rhythm yet.

He gives fishface kisses all day long.

When I get out the blender and start making a smoothie, he comes running and grabs hold of my legs in a big bear hug. Then, when I actually turn the blender on, he lets go of me and starts doing this little dance around the kitchen until I give him his straw cup full of fruity goodness.

If I forget to put the latch back on the cabinet doors? He tries to do it for me.

He is figuring out so many things all the time now. It is amazing.

Yesterday at our music class, a new session was starting. As we went around the room and introduced ourselves, I got to say that it was his year anniversary at Music Together. Watching him in that class now just blows me away. He knows the scarves and sticks and instruments. He knows when it's time to dance, and he knows when it's time for the quiet song. Little things, but big things for my Little Bird.

I notice these things. I guess because I'm his mama. I noticed when a couple of months ago, he lifted his arm to help me put it in his sleeve. I notice.

I hope that I never get too busy to notice, and so this space sits idle sometimes for days longer than I would like. But I can't help it. My little boy is growing up and I have so much to notice.