Saturday, July 24, 2010

The best day

So there was a break in the shamoopie fest yesterday. You see, part of previous shamoopie fests have resulted in multiple children, and sometimes, they tend to rule my days. That, and I couldn't find the cord to my old Viao anywhere, and it is the only computer I know how to edit video on. Oh, the grammar I have already destroyed in this post. Awesome.

Today is the day. Our anniversary. This time four years ago, we were packing the car and heading to Montreat, North Carolina, to have the perfect wedding. A couple of friends, a cake from Square Rabbit, a couple of pairs of Birkenstocks, and a stream in the world's most beautiful mountains. The only thing it was missing was our families.

This morning, I've gotten up early with the boys. We'll go pick up our mini wedding cake from Square Rabbit, go get our CSA vegetables, and then go to Stella's fourth birthday party. We'll do all of this together as a family. As much as a nice anniversary date with my husband sounds nice in theory, I have to admit - I'm so grateful to have Kevin as the father of my children - that I wouldn't want to spend the day any other way. There will be time for babysitters later. Right now, I'm enjoying our life as husband and wife - as parents.

Thank you for loving me, Kev. Happy Anniversary. Here's a little Buddy Miller diddy that makes me think back to our dating days. Next year, I'm fully anticipating recording something for you NOT on the Flip camera turned sideways on the piano. Heh.