Friday, October 15, 2010

Goals for 2010

It's October. Mid-October at that. 2010 is just about over and there are so many things I didn't finish this year. For my own sake, here are my goals by the end of the year:

  • Blog redesign. 
    • Move Triangle Mamas and Specraftular from Typepad to Wordpress. 
    • Possibly move this blog to Wordpress too, definitely redesign (same header, different layout/colors).
  • Sewing
    • Halloween costumes
    • Blanket for Project Linus
    • Christmas stocking for Colin
    • Puppy pants for Colin
    • Pillow shams for Mallory and Christopher
    • Christmas pajama pants for the family
  • Home
    • Set up office
    • Finish decorating boys' room
    • Reorganize kitchen
    • Start back meal planning
  • Personal
    • Get out of my fat jeans
    • Finish reading Nurture Shock and Healthy Child, Healthy World
    • Clean out closet for real. Get rid of clothes. For real.
    • Get back to yoga
  • Couple
    • Get a couple's massage
    • Spend at least one evening a week in studio
    • Find a babysitter
I'm quite sure there's more, there's just this little problem of only having tiny chunks of time to complete things. So when you see this post keep coming back in your reader, please feel free to ignore it. I'm just updating the list.

And because this is possibly the most boring post I've ever written, here is a gratuitous picture of my boys.