Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still here

I'm still here. I didn't go to Canada or any other vast wilderness. I did go to Chapel Hill and visit the Woman's Birth and Wellness Center. They are so wonderful.

We now know what is too big of a dose for me. Just a few days on the double dose had me - well, you saw where it had me. I didn't even know it was that bad until I started reading the comments on that last post. Then after a few days on the in between dose, I went back and read my own words again and saw where I was.


However, I saw in those words that I knew then that I didn't want to stay where I was. I wanted help, and I had already asked for it. That makes me kinda proud of myself.

I have to admit, my instinct was to come right back and start telling everyone how alright I was. I was reading the comments and felt like I immediately wanted to start making everyone feel better. So I stayed away for a few days because it wasn't true yet, and I needed to just own where I was at the time.

Now I've decompressed. I've let the new dosage take effect.

I am getting better.

What I can't find the words for now is how to thank you for supporting me. I'll look for them, but for now, simplicity will have to suffice.

Thank you.