Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's 11:15 PM. Lovely and I are still up. She's reading Harry Potter and I'm, well, I'm doing this. Guy was supposed to be home from a meeting at 10:00 PM. This is the first night that I've been in charge.

I picked Lovely up from school today. In all honesty, I tried to pick her up from the middle school. That didn't work out so well since she is in the 5th grade and doesn't go to the middle school. When I arrived at the appropriate school finally, they didn't want me to have her because I wasn't on "the list." Admirable, but slightly annoying since we now share the same last name and address as indicated on my driver's license which they did ask to see.

So who was on "the list?" The Ex was of course. Papa. The Ex’s friend. And a couple of other people I've never heard of. Emergency contacts? Not Guy. Just his Ex's friend. The friend who decided it was a good idea to waltz into our yard uninvited and walk menacingly around Guy’s new convertible. The friend who then decided it was a good idea not to get off the property when asked nicely, but rather to get in Guy’s face and ask, "What is wrong with you?"

God, I live on Jerry Springer some days. Please just don't let me wake up in a trailer next to my 1st cousin.

Anyway, I did get to leave with Lovely. It was awesome. When she came down the hall and saw me - she did a full body grin. I swear. It was the coolest. So then I took her to Justice and bought her $300 worth of clothes.

Crappy stepmom.

Granted, she needed clothes so, I bought her some clothes.

Jeez I can't lie. I bought her a lot of clothes. Including a smooth leather(ish) jacket and little plaid skirt that basically says, "I may be 10, but I rock out and kick ass." All she needs now is boots.

Then, I stopped at a fast food restaurant and bought her a "Bo-Berry Biscuit." I think it's a Southern thing. They take a perfectly good biscuit, put fake blueberries all in it, drizzle, and by drizzle, I mean drown it in sugary icing and sell it to crappy stepmoms like myself. Paired with sweet tea, you have enough calories and caffeine to keep the child up to 11:26 PM.

I should so put her to bed. She's reading though, and when I met her, she hated to read. I was so sad. I bought her Judy Blume books for her birthday, The Incredible Journey, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I wanted her to love to read. So, now, I'm supposed to stop her?

Crappy stepmom.

Now I find myself going back on my word that she could just get ready for bed and then wait up for her dad. I so do not want to have to put this child to bed and have her not get to see her dad tonight. What is my freaking problem?

Oh, and I don't know what "best friend charms" are. I suck. Someone please help.