Sunday, September 03, 2006

Update below.

There is not an accurate way to describe dealing with Guy’s ex-wife. This is supposed to be a journal, and thereby assumed to be the truth, but if I began detailing the actions of Ex, no one would believe me.

Since my parents are on hiatus from impending doom at the moment though, I thought I would give it a shot.

Voicemails from Ex start a few different ways. The most frequent is a sickeningly sweet voice, like a 1-900 number has dialed us up by mistake, saying "Hellooo, (enter stupid pet name here), this is your number one wife FOREVER calling . . .blah blah blah."

Then we have the, "Why don't you both start cheating on each other now so we can get this temporary marriage over with? blah blah blah."

Occasionally, we get one that is so insane that we cannot understand what she is saying. It is banshee shrieking by someone and difficult to translate.

She likes to tell us that our marriage is temporary. I am still a mistress (which would be a different story if I ever was one to begin with). There is no combating her either. When you answer the phone, she starts in with her questions that never end long enough to say, "shut up." "Quit calling." "None of your business." She literally does. not. quit. yelling. It is the most insane behavior I have ever seen. There are no boundaries with Ex. Even though I have never even met her, she feels the absolute right to demean me, discuss me, stalk me, google me, scream at me over the phone, and attempt to bully me into not being with her ex-husband. Number one wife, forevah.

There is humor to this. She is usually a good source of laughter for Guy and me. Not because we are unusually cruel, but because she is unusually unrelenting. There is also sadness though. The other 50% of the time, Lovely is with her. Lovely gets screamed at and told that she is a traitor for liking me. I have told her to throw me under the truck, please, just throw me under the truck. Just tell her you hate me and I'm evil, and I smell funny too. Lovely just looks at me and says, "It's not right to lie."

Unbelievable. Today, as we stood side by side looking out the upstairs window waiting with our breath drawn for Ex to arrive and pick her up, I told her, "You are amazing." She just said, "Thanks." There was no explanation needed. So if I'm the big bad stepmonster and all around evil mistress, why then did I just have to pry Lovely's arms from around me and dry her tears so that she could go with her mother this afternoon?

Crazy is as crazy does. I choose not to fight back, but to remain silent and pick up the pieces every time that Ex breaks them down. This is my family, and I love them. Bring it on. I'm ready to just stand here, take it, and shield your own daughter from as much of the negativity as I can.

It seems that Ex will continue to look for me and whatever information she can on the internet. Therefore, I will not post about her anymore. I debated on reposting this, and I did edit it. It's best not to issue judgements I suppose, and from now on, there will not be any new posts about her specifically. Trust me though, you won't be missing much.