Friday, November 30, 2007

It's been a long time since my last confession

I have a been a bad blogger. I have not been reading and commenting like I normally would. My apologies are probably empty, but I'm offering them anyway. I try to keep up. It's just so busy. I'm sure you all understand, and you are shaking your heads because here you are reading my little words . . . I'll catch up, I swear.

Speaking of behind, there are lots of links to go up on the Team Whymommy page. I have been slack. Susan has done such a good job of keeping them linked up on her blog, and once again, I am the slack friend. Let's just say that I have chosen to offer her some consistency in her life. I'm still here, and I'm still flaky.

And as if I haven't laid enough of my current flaws out on the table, here's something else stupid I did.

I was getting into our incredibly tall bed last night (with the humph and splat method I learned from Paige), and I actually injured myself on a pillow. Yes. I cut my elbow wide open on my pillow. Blood, bandaids, and everything.

Apparently, the pillow has a lethal zipper on it. I unwittingly put my elbow on the zipper, hoisted my 190 pound self (grow baby grow) onto the bed, and tore open my elbow. I am a talented, talented woman.