Monday, November 19, 2007

So incredibly boring to everyone but me

I lamented passing on my little house to a new owner. My house. My first house that I loved so very much even though it looked much like a booger someone else would just wipe on their jeans.

Once it was sold, it was a relief to not have 2 mortgages, to say the least. Knowing that we sold it to a developer that would soon want to tear it down and build a McMansion wasn't a relief, but it was reality. Bringing us back to the booger reference.

Today, the reassessed property taxes were announced. Guy and I just looked up the new taxes for our house and what used to be my house. Once again, I was so proud of my little booger house. And so glad that I don't have to pay the new taxes.

The land alone is now valued at just less than what I paid for the house. The taxes will be doubling. We will not be paying them. Yay. We sold at just the right time too, because city council is poised to put the kabash on McMansions going up after teardowns. Leaving the new owner of my little booger in a precarious situation if he doesn't build soon.

Our house? Went up a mere $6,000. Hee hee. We find ourselves on the right side of a climbing neighborhood whose value has not yet caught up in the grand scheme of things. I'm pleased as punch.

Bonus. This house doesn't look like a booger. Anymore.