Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday bullets

It's Sunday. We are about to watch Spiderman, so I'm glad I established the bullet routine last week. It will make this quick.

  • There are at least 35 baby albino dwarf pleckos in my fish task. The guppies are keeping their population in check, but the pleckos are breeding like crazy. I'm at a loss as to what to do with them. A ten gallon take really only needs one or two. I have somewhere around 40 now. 
  • Anybody want some pleckos? 
  • I forgot to post yesterday. Instead of quitting or feeling like a failure, I decided to shrug it off and move on. It's not the end of the world, and it doesn't have to stop me from posting the rest of the month.
  • Tomorrow is Circle (the monthly women's Bible study at my church), and I have to give the closing prayer at the luncheon - which is in front of all the Circles combined, not just mine. Praying in front of people is the only thing that still rattles my nerves. No other speaking or performing does.
  • I just made a vegan, nut-free version of the Nut Butter Granola bars that my friend Kara introduced me too. I think the honey will be missed the most, but maybe not.
  • I've been sewing up a storm. Something big is going to happen this week. 
  • Christopher is the special helper tomorrow at school. The line leader. The Super Star. He is beyond excited every time he gets to be the line leader, and he takes it very seriously. For show and tell, he's taking a hand me down toy from Susan's boys who were handed it down from Jean's boys. It is obviously an awesome toy. He will also take a snack to share with his class (hence the nut-free, vegan granola bars). Then, he will continue to try and lead us around at home the rest of the day. Yay.

Christopher at his last line leader day. I love how he wrote his name.
  • Really. Does anyone want some pleckos?
  • We watched Star Wars for family movie night this weekend. Christopher was blown away and can't believe we kept something so incredibly awesome from him all this time. Did you know that he fought Darth Vader? Yes, he did. And he reminded us of this fact every time DV came on  scene.

Vanquishing the Dark Lord at Hollywood Studios. 
  • Today, we played Star Wars in the backyard and decided that Gibby is Chewy, Aja is CP30, and Macy Moo is R2D2. It works out very well.
  • Also, more poisonous spiders in our backyard today. Brown recluse this time. Much smushing was had.
  • That's it. Time for Spiderman with my favorite 16 year old.