Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Izzy are you watching?

Guy and I love the show Boston Legal. We often forget to watch it because it starts at 10:00 PM and we are either already snuggling or whatever.

However, tonight, we remembered to watch (having already gotten the snuggling out of the way), and Alan Shore is suing a department store for selling dolls. Bratz to be exact, but they are calling them "prostitots."

Izzy, I hope you are seeing this and have some sort of pride. I think you wrote some of Alan Shore's dialogue tonight. If you aren't getting royalties from David Kelley, you might need to send him an email with your blog address. I'm inclined to think he already has it.

Edited to add: You can go read more from Izzy on this subject today. Then you can send that email to Scholastic. Aren't I the bossy one?