Thursday, May 01, 2008

Maybe they are for your Barbies

I'm linking to a post that is a month old, but what can I say? I'm behind on a lot of my blog reading.

Doesn't matter though. This is the funniest thing I've read in awhile. Made me actually snort out loud.

It also reminded me very much of myself some days. There was this one time that Guy and I were in Target in the outdoors section. On the top shelf, there was a row of tiny tents and tiny sleeping bags.

I made the mistake of saying something out loud that I had thought in my head for a long time. I said, "What are those tiny tents for anyway? I mean, who really needs a tent that tiny?"

Guy just looked at me in horror as he realized that he had fallen for a true ditz.

All it took was the expression on his face and the words, "Um, honey, nobody uses those tents, they are for display," and I got whiplash being yanked back into the world of people who aren't idiots.

Me and Unkempt Mommy can just go hang out in our land of tiny tents where there are no bowling pins allowed.