Friday, May 30, 2008

You could call me gullible

I trust people. Sometimes that is one of my good traits. Sometimes it is one of my downfalls.

Yesterday I had a face to face with the boy who was supposed to take care of my dogs last weekend. I explained to him how I didn't understand how he could have been in the house and not smelled anything. I explained to him how if the dogs were being fed then there should have been no food left in their containers - that was why I left instructions how to pick up more just in case he needed it.

I told him how the floors could be replaced, but that my heart was broken thinking about how hungry and neglected my dogs were last weekend. I told him how disappointed I was that he had let me down.

At that point, I thought that he was going to cry. He looked straight at me, never glanced away, and said with very watery eyes, that he promised he had fed them and played with them. He promised that they got let out and got their medicines. He said he was really sorry about the floors. Very very sorry.

I believe him. Guy doesn't.

It doesn't mean I'm not still upset about the mess, and it doesn't mean that I don't still have some doubts. But I have always trusted him. It feels completely unnatural not to at this point.

Besides, I think that the only way to make him want to be honest with me is to believe what he says. If I don't, then why would he bother telling me the truth? I think you get back from people what you expect of them most of the time.

I hope from now on, he understands that I expect much more from him than he gave this time.

Not that he'll be watching my dogs again. . .