Monday, September 20, 2010

Katy Perry plays dress up on Sesame Street, forgets to wear clothes.

I talk about boobs a lot. I realize this. Even before I was so passionate about breastfeeding, I talked about boobs. I've gone on and on about bras and whined about carrying around huge boobies. I've rallied behind my friend Susan during her fight with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I've talked about my momma's fight with breast cancer. I've even delved into a little bit of the sexy boobie talk, but we won't go there today.

Boobies get a lot of air time here at Chez Canape. That's just the way it is.

I'm alright with women looking attractive, even using their breasts as an asset to their appearance. After all, we have to carry them around, right? They might as well look good.

For some reason though, I'm NOT alright with this.

Whatever, Katy Perry. I don't particularly find your music enjoyable, but I CERTAINLY don't need to wondering if you have enough double stick tape in your bustier to make sure that your boobies aren't going to bust out while you are singing and dancing with ELMO on SESAME STREET.

The idea for the song to be used in teaching opposites is cute. It's catchy. But really. REALLY? Couldn't she have actually worn some clothes to play dress up with Elmo?

If I'm turning into my momma, that's a-ok with me. But we'll be skipping this episode of Sesame Street. My boys aren't going to grow up thinking that's an acceptable outfit to wear to a playdate.



  1. You are right! There have got to be a few of us cranky old moms out here who know how to draw the lines between adults and children.

  2. I am officially a "mom" with this comment. HOLY HELL! What was Sesame Street thinking? Stuff like this NEVER bothers me, but I would not be a happy camper if my daughter came up to me and asked to wear that HELLO SEXY outfit. Cover her up! It's Elmo for pete's sake.

    Wow. That is more than any pre-schooler needs to see.

  3. Wow. Yeah. The song is cute. I love how she plays along. But when my kids ran over to see what I was watching, I felt uncomfortable watching them watch her chest heave while running around the set. I love boobs, for feeding and for making us look pretty. And I think we can be a tad puritan in the US abut them. But still, my gut wants that bustier a lot less bustier on Sesame Street.

  4. Not to be redundant from earlier commenters, but wow. Wow. Kept thinking (as I watched) that it was going to be some sort of Comedy Channel spoof. The trashy toddler clothes in the stores are bad enough -- no need for this, too. The song would have been much better without the Barbie boob distractions.

  5. Thanks for the warning! This is one episode we'll be skipping.

  6. That's creepy. For a couple reasons.

    1) Those are not acceptable "dress-up" clothes, even for kids.

    2) The bouncing boobage. Yeah. I said it.

    3) The way that the adult ("Miss Katy") pursues the child (Elmo) to play a game of dress-up. Maybe I'm a tad sensitive (I just completed a child protection training) but I find it all kinds of creepy.

    Where were the grown-ups while this was being made?

  7. Anonymous10:13 AM

    That outfit has sheer netting up to the neck ... so not as revealing as it would seem. Yes, there is cleavage, but nothing more than you would see on any number of television commercials.

  8. Ok I understand your gripe, was almost about to disagree with you, until THE MOCK RUNNING SCENE!!

    Wildly fainated to see they fly out, but sure tht the 3-4 year olds watching wont get past that tiarra

  9. I was all set to disagree when I saw your post on FB. But then I just watched the video. Let's just say that I agree with you. Wholeheartedly.

  10. Ok, at first I was like no biggie, she's hanging out there and yeah, it's a little lower cut than what I would like but whatev.

    And then she started running and it was like an episode of Baywatch!

    Sure, the sheer mesh stuff means she won't actually pop out but the shirt could slide down and next thing ya know, it's a Janet Jackson Super Bowl moment.

  11. Only it's not a TV commercial. My kids don't watch TV commercials - this is Sesame Street. Personally, I think there is a big difference.

  12. I couldn't agree more. Until people start standing up to crap like this, our children will continue to be bombarded with overly sexualized images at a younger and younger age. And it's not ok. This is Sesame Street, not nighttime nothing off limits anymore?

    And since I think this is my first time to de-lurk on your blog after reading for a very long time, I just wanted to say your boys are adorable, and I love your writing.

  13. This just in - Sesame Street has pulled the clip from the new season. It won't run on TV.

    Thanks, PBS. I think Jim Henson would be proud of you.

  14. The message that bothered me is "if you have no talent, take off your clothes and no one will notice." Lo and behold, no one noticed.

  15. I have so much to say on this topic and have tended to avoid getting into it b/c I knew it would be wordy.

    But here goes--

    The first time I watched it, I honestly didn't know what you were upset about. I thought maybe it had to do with the lyrics of the original song, a song I REALLY didn't know. I did feel a little icked out by Elmo running around her legs but, as someone who often rocks cleavage revealing clothes, her flesh mesh (rhyming!) was enough for me.

    Then, I read what other moms had to say. And, I decided to research.

    Surely another celebrity had worn something as revealing?!? Kim Cattrall? Nope. Tyra Banks? Nope. Sarah Jessica? Nope.

    Not a single celebrity had worn anything less than a v-neck sweater with tank underneath. Clothing on Sesame Street it seemed was conservative.

    So I watched it again.

    Yep, it was an awful risque clothing choice. Yes, her desperation did seem a bit creepy.

    And, yes, I am glad they pulled it.

    Do it again in jeans and a t-shirt, Katy, and I'll be happy to watch. Well, as happy as I can be after getting one of your annoying songs lodged in my head.