Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't have a penis

One day over Christmas break, Christopher woke up and declared that he wanted to wear "big boy pants." We had been talking the potty talk for almost a year now, but other than watching Elmo's Potty Time, he has shown little to no interest.

Until he did.

We put him in some "Mater pants" and haven't looked back.

The peeing is going better than the pooping, but from what I hear, that's normal. I honestly think he just doesn't want to sit still long enough to do the big deed - because if he is there to pee and happens to get more than he bargained for, he's totally excited about it. Just doesn't want to initiate that part yet.

What has surprised me is that Christopher learning to use the potty has not been all that dissimilar to Colin learning to use the potty. As long as I kept him on a schedule and took him to the potty in reasonable intervals throughout the day, he never peed in his pants. And in just a couple of weeks, he has learned to tell me ahead of time when he needs to go.

Makes me wish I had done EC with Christopher as well. Of course, I say that about a lot of things with Christopher, but this isn't about me, so I'll spare the list of woes.

Three mornings now, Christopher has woken up with a dry diaper and announced that he has to pee pee first thing. I'm so stinking proud of him. First thing in the morning, Colin always sits on the potty too, so now, we have this bizarre little potty party where the three of us all sit on our potties together in the bathroom and toast the morning sunshine.

There is also usually a conversation about who has a penis and who doesn't. I'm pretty sure that Christopher feels very sorry for me and my penislessness.

I suppose the final step is to move him out of a diaper at night. He has been asking to wear his big boy pants while he sleeps, and he does fine at naptime in them. It's totally selfish on my part.

I've been ending up in the bed with Christopher and Colin in the middle of the night, and quite honestly? I don't want to get peed on. Nor do I want to change sheets in the middle of the night.

So, since we are cloth diapering, I figure it's not too much different to just wear a diaper at night. At least, that's what I'm going with.

I think that 2011 will be the end of diapers around here. That would be awesome.

Unless of course, someone else comes along that might need them . . .