Monday, January 31, 2011

Little monster in the closet

I thought I had outgrown the need to look under my bed and check the closet before getting into bed. 

Apparently not.

Kevin was working from home, and both boys were taking an unusual morning nap. We decided to take a break from what we were each working on and head upstairs.

*insert Barry White music here*

We knew that time was not on our side, so we both began discarding clothing before we even got the door closed. It was broad daylight, and we felt a little naughty for sneaking in a quickie before noon. 

Being a conscientious eco-minded kind of a gal, I flipped off the light in the closet as I headed into the bedroom, wondering why I had left it on in the first place. It's not something I typically forget.

In a moment, I realized that I hadn't forgotten.

A slight thud in the closet caused me to open the doors and catch little Mr. Kickypants sitting on the floor, looking up at me with his great big blue-grey eyes. He looked a slightly worried and more than a little confused.

Kevin and I grabbed our clothes and redressed even faster than we undressed. 

Needless to say, there was no quickie.

There was, however, poop in Christopher's pants. Because what else would he be doing in our closet when we thought he was in bed taking a nap?

Just add "doing a room sweep before nookie" to the ever growing list of things I didn't know I would have to do as a parent.