Thursday, May 18, 2006

My grandparents are dead, which is not so sad since they were incredibly old when they died. Don't get me wrong, I still miss them. Grandmomma died at 86 in 1996 following a battle with Alzheimer’s. Honey (my other grandmother) died at 97 in 2003, and Granddaddy died at 93 later that year as well. They both died of plain old age. All three were a huge part of our lives, and I assumed that my children would feel the same way about my parents.

As I see it, we had moved into the phase where my parents were now going to be the grandparents and we would have another 30 years of travel, pictures, cards, phone calls, and everything I had with my grandparents. One problem, I don't even have any kids yet.

There are only granddogs from me. The best granddogs that ever lived, mind you, but still canine. The most recent one was even named after my grandfather, father, and brother (Senior, Junior, and the Third), since I had decided that I was doomed to be barren. Lucky for me, I was just doomed to be divorced and now have hope to be a mom with the most perfect man.

So she also says, "I want to live to see my next grandchildren."

I want that more than anything. That should have been on my list. I want my mother to live not just to see her next grandchildren, but to baptize them and watch them grow up even just a few years. I want them to know her and have memories of her.

This is not too much to ask.