Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's us vs. the insurance company. We have been holding our breath, waiting for the scheduling of my mother's pet scan. It is basically a scan that shows live tissue. So basically, it is a scan that will map the exact location and size of my mother's cancer, thereby dictating the treatment.

It is NOT a diagnostic tool. We know that she has ovarian cancer.

The insurance company has denied the request for said pet scan because the scan has not been proven to diagnose ovarian cancer.

Did you catch the part where we know that she has ovarian cancer???

The question is not WHAT she has, it is how do we treat it so that she has 4 years instead of 3? Or 3 years instead of 2?

I would like very much to thank the insurance guru who quite possibly just wasted 4% of the rest of my mother's life by denying her this scan. We will now have to wait another month while they take their fingers out of their asses and realize that we aren't diagnosing ovarian cancer.

We are staring it in the face and trying our best to get the better of it.

Did I miss the part where insurance gurus went to medical school and know what exactly will help my mother? I hope every one of them has someone they love die of cancer because an insurance company took their sweet time getting things right. I hope every one of them watches someone they love be so sick that they are too tired to fight the corporations. And I hope they then regret the work they have chosen to do in their worthless lives.