Friday, May 26, 2006

Daddy asked me to gather information on assisted living homes near me.

My ex-husband works at a nursing home. I hear Jesse Helms is now a patient there. It is expensive. I hear that it is also dirty. You hear all sorts of things. I have an older friend who keeps her mother in a town 90 miles away and drives there almost everyday because she swears that it is that much better than the homes in her town.

That, however, is talk of nursing homes. I'm supposed to think about assisted living. Neither one impress me much.

How about this for assisted living? You come and move in with me. Me and my soon-to-be new husband will build you an apartment behind the house. You become our dependents, thereby allowing his incredible insurance to cover you. You get most of your drugs for free because the pharmaceutical company that my soon-to-be new husband works for makes those drugs. I take care of you.

I assist you in living.

In return, you share the rest of your life with me. And I share my new life with you. You allow me to give back a small fraction of what you have given me.

He will say no. He will tell me that he doesn't want to be a burden. What he doesn't understand is that the pain is the burden. Missing him and Momma, knowing that I don't have them for much longer and they are so very far away - that is the burden.

My joy would be to assist in their living and have them here with me. Not a burden.