Saturday, June 09, 2007

I am useless today

Things in the home renovation department are moving right along. The master bathroom is almost complete (crown molding and fans), the downstairs bathroom is complete, and Lovely's bathroom is almost complete (window treatments). The painters are coming Monday to start painting the outside of the house. The carpet has been chosen and will be ordered in a couple of weeks. The downstairs flooring has been chosen. We are making lots of progress.

This past Monday, we drove to the Ikea closest to us (about 3.5 hours away) and purchased everything we needed to renovate our kitchen and the music studio. For anyone who has ever left a comment about what a good friend I am, take a listen to this. Boo and Pilot drove us up there with their 6 ton trailer (for Pilot's hot air balloons), helped us shop, helped us load 9 flat bed carts of junk into the trailer, drove us back, and helped us unload what will be the entire contents (sans piano, thank goodness) of two huge rooms in our house. Just because they are our friends. Amazing. It was an exhausting trip, but we ended up saving so much money doing it that way than ordering cabinets in our hometown. It was worth it.

Today, my studio is being renovated. The nasty paneling is in the process of being replaced by nice drywall. The nasty carpet (where Pupstar has taken to peeing when I don't give her enough of her meds) is being pulled up and replaced with nice bamboo flooring. We purchased a half dozen bookcases, a new desk, a new pc, and a cart to hold my everyday teaching supplies. I'm really excited about it, but I'm basically useless at this point.

What I have done is move my kitchen into my dining room. Hooray. Here is the mess I've created:

Do you think I have enough Stash tea?

Here's a shot of all the liquor and wine I'm currently not drinking:

Here is the partially gutted kitchen that I hate worse than poison ivy:

Here is the most embarrassing picture I've ever posted on the web. It is a shot of the kitchen from the long end. The green drywall on the right side of the picture is where the furnace and the hot water heater used to be - in a closet, in the kitchen. The exposed beams are not for design purposes. We had to rip out the ceiling in order to redo the upstairs plumbing. How's that for a disaster area?

And here is a basket of kitchen utensils. I have a problem with kitchen utensils and my love for them. In this basket there are no less than 6 gadgets to peel shrimp (which I still make Guy do anyway), 5 gadgets with which to open wine and an equal number of gadgets to store opened wine (hahahahahaha), 4 meat thermometers, 3 different gadgets to help me baste things, 2 sets of salad thongs, and 1 unused garlic press (because I enjoy smashing garlic with the side of a giant knife).

Since the guilt is too much to just turn on the xbox and play Viva Pinata while the men all work around the house, I'm sitting in front of the computer. I did order some pizza. Online. Man I feel lazy.