Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Some of the many things Christopher has surely thought while nursing in the past week, all while never letting go of my nipple:

"HEY! What's that over there behind me?"

"HEY! Where is that sound coming from?"

"HEY! I think Dad just got home!"

"HEY! The dog just walked in!"

"HEY! Another dog just walked in!"

"HEY! I know the dogs are still in here, but I can't seeeeee them from here!"

"HEY! Did you know I could turn my head back and forth like this over and over again?"

"HEY! I can hold that boobie up all by myself now, Mama."

Bless his little heart. I am still glad we didn't give up. Nursing the distractable baby? Just a new challenge.