Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tiny sighs

Today just so happens to be the day that Bird turns five months old. It was also the first day of our second session of Music Together.

When we started the first session, Bird was seven weeks old.

Looking back, I think I might have been a little insane to be taking him to a music class when he was seven weeks old. He really did respond well to it though, and it gave me something that I was doing as his mother. As if feeding, changing, bathing, rocking, and everything else didn't count. I am the type that needs that extra something going on to feel like I'm not wasting precious time.

At seven weeks old, Christopher was already very alert and curious about what was going on around him. He could handle about 20 minutes of the stimulation of the class, and that was enough. As the weeks went by, he was able to stay for the whole class and enjoy it.

Bird was a two hander for most of the first session. Meaning, I had to have two hands on him at all times. Therefore, we didn't do a lot of the instrument play and drumming that the other families were doing. We did a lot of singing, swaying, and studying each other's faces. I would tap the beat of every song gently on his legs or arms, and he would just hang on for the ride.

Music has been the source of the most smiles in his life. Already, Christopher has favorite songs. "The Hello Song" is a guaranteed grin no matter what. He loves the song, "Wiggle," as well. Since he pretty much hates being in the car, the Music Together CD has been a lifesaver. That, and the fantabulous They Might Be Giants too.

Today, we started back up with the classes. After about 3 weeks off, Bird has changed a lot. He is almost sitting up on his own. He can hold his own shaker now. He can beat on the drum. He loves to be held up and bounce to the music.

He broke into the most beautiful smile when he saw his teacher, and he barely stopped smiling for the rest of the class.

It amazes me how much he has changed in such a short amount of time.

I used to think that I wouldn't miss the infant part so much. That I would be so happy to be able to have conversations and do fun things with my child that I wouldn't miss him being a baby. Happy and relieved.

I'm doubting that now.

As I pulled him out of his car seat this morning, he was sleeping. Passed out from a delay on his nap and a very eventful music class.

He nestled his face into my shoulder to shield his eyes from the sun.

I put my hand on the back of his neck to support him and help keep him secure and sleeping as we walked up to the house.

He let out the tiniest little sigh that said to me, "What a good morning. I'm content."

And my heart let out the tiniest little sigh that said, "This is going to be over in an instant. Don't take a moment of holding this baby for granted."

It will be too. Before I know it, Christopher will be one of the little boys in the class who run to get their own shakers, who help put away the drums, and who dance their own dance throughout the class.

As long as he's not the one throwing the egg shakers across the room, I will be fine with that. Even if I miss the baby a little bit.