Thursday, April 05, 2007

Music Do Re Meme for Thursday Tunes

Save your ears. Instead of an actual tune today, I'm answering Mamma's tag (and her new template is to die for! I've got to stop just reading off of Bloglines!) for the famous music meme. You know, the one where we list 7 tunes we are really into right now. I thought this would be easy for me, but it wasn't. My problem is that I load the cd changer up with stuff and just let it spin. I have no idea what the names of songs are or even the name of the album often.

It required research. And by research, I mean actually finding the right cd cases for the trail of cd's that I have been listening to and then placing in the case of the next on the playlist. Then it required me trying to decide if these seven songs were going make me look stupid. Then it required me realizing that the previous statement must mean that I'm still 12.

So I give you, the seven songs that make me squirmy right now. And although there is no Wilco on the list, Wilco always makes me squirmy. No matter what the song.

"The Dark Blue," Jack's Mannequin
There is plenty of piano, clever phrasing, and great vocals. I have to admit, I got this one from a 16 year old. But since Ben Folds grew up, I needed another rowdy piano boy to satiate my desires. Thank you, Jack.

"Hundred," The Fray
I came late to The Fray. Even though I heard the "how to save a life" song on Grey's Anatomy at the same time as everyone else, I didn't buy the album. Until a month ago or so. And boy howdy. It is unreal. Again, more piano-y goodness. Words from the early days of me and Guy: "And who's to say it's wrong, And who's to say that it's not right, Where we should be for now."

"Someone Else's Tomorrow," Patty Griffin
I have a list of songs I wish I wrote. At least half of them are by Patty Griffin. "And the memories fade. Send the ghosts on their way. Tell them, They've had their day it's someone else's tomorrow." She makes me feel the same way this blogger did today. Like I wanted to say all of that, but shit. They already said it so much better.

"Girl in the War," Josh Ritter
I love this whole album. If you haven't picked up a copy of Paste magazine, you so should. For about four years now, Paste has been my beacon of new music. Each month it comes with a CD sampler and awesome reviews of dozens of artists. Well worth every penny. Oh, and that's where I found Josh Ritter. I love this album down to the artwork. It makes me want to quit just adding to iTunes and keep buying actual cd's. This is the first song off The Animal Years, and it is my favorite today.

"Miss You," David Lamotte
David is from Montreat. Montreat is my favorite place on earth. Montreat is where Guy and I were married. I bought this cd when we stopped in Montreat on our way home from Tennessee in January. After the miscarriage. From the song:

"I've been searching for the right words
I've been straining for the sound
My head is full of voices
I've been trying to write them down
I've been walking 'round in circles
Looking for the perfect way
I make it all so complicated
When all I really want to say is

I miss you."

I'm pretty sure that David didn't write this song about a miscarriage. You know, being a boy and all. But it's funny to me sometimes, how a great song takes on its own life after being written, recording, and released. And you listen. And you relate. And you make it your own. This song, when I listen to it, belongs just to me. Me and Cleatus.

"9 Crimes," Damien Rice
I so wish I was this female singer. Her voice is haunting and the interplay she gets to do with Damien Rice makes me more jealous of her than any other musician currently. This song, with the tennis game of "Is that alright with you?" makes my heart ache. And I don't even really know what its about. Nor do I care. It is a beautiful song.

"Rootless Tree," Damien Rice
Yes, I picked two Damien Rice songs. You are lucky that I picked any that weren't Damien Rice songs. That is how much I love him. I did stick to the newer album. I don't know why. I could still listen to the older album 24/7 and be happy. "Rootless Tree" is a song with a chorus of fuck you. I don't know why I love this song except that the pure angst and 12 feet deep anger is so beautifully done. I don't really care what emotion is shown is music - when an artist makes me believe with all my heart that they are really feeling that emotion as they perform - then I am hooked.

That. Is what I love about Damien Rice. I believe every heart string that he pulls.

And just because I can't stop with just 7, I give you my eighth and ninth songs:

"The Blower's Daughter," Damien Rice
If you have never heard this song, please stop reading and go listen to this little clip. Then buy it. This song was my divorce and remarriage song. I cannot, to this day, listen to it with a dry eye. And again. The female singer - "did I say that I loathe you? did I say that I want to leave it all behind?" My dear word. This might be the most perfect song ever.

Except that he also wrote, "Cannonball." Our love song. "there's still a little piece of your face I haven't kissed." Of course, that's not true anymore. I have kissed every piece of his face at least a dozen times. This. Is the perfect song.

There they are. The seven, rather nine, songs I love now. I am into them. Go and spend your hard earned money on them. Pay for your music just like you pay for your electricity and water. Please.

I tag Girl (more Ben Folds goodness, Dahling), and Jen (because I think she needs a good distraction right about now). Let's here your most hopeful songs, ladies. I'm ready and armed with my iTunes.