Friday, April 20, 2007

The plague

We have been looking forward to this vacation at Whymommy's house for a long time. Guy, Lovely, and I headed up north on Tuesday for a few days of visiting and sightseeing.

So why then, am I blogging?

Vomit. Extreme vomit. And our good friend extreme diarrhea. Let us not forget 101.2 fever, chills, and during all that fun, forgetting to take our sinus medications. So this morning, we said goodbye to the purging of our system and hello to massive sinus headache and my most favorite ever, severe menstrual cramps and backache. No New Years Eve baby after all. Fair. Life is so very fair.

I have never been so much fun in my life. Last time we traveled, I had a miscarriage. I swear, Lovely may never leave town with me again.

Funny thing is, Whymommy and her crew were all sick before we came. There was this big looming question mark of whether or not we would actually come because of The Plague. However, they all got better, so we came ahead.

Most likely, I picked it up before leaving Raleigh.

There is the slightest chance that I got it from Little Bear who was ill on Tuesday night. This being an option because he is the yummiest baby in the world and I could not resist nibbling on his little ears and kissing all 10 fingers and toes. Good stuff.

Doubtful though. My body is the type to harbor a good bug and save its release for the most inopportune time.

Which is exactly what it did.

I cannot remember ever being so violently ill. At one point, I came out of the bathroom to find Lovely standing about 5 feet away, staring at the door in horror. I can only imagine what it sounded like from the outside.

I'm just praying now, that she and Guy don't get it.

Today, they are at the Air and Space Museum. I am just sitting here pouting, considering making some jambalya to stock in their freezer. Because when Whymommy says she doesn't cook, she isn't kidding. I always took that statement to mean that she didn't think she cooked well, or she didn't enjoy cooking. Um. No. But Whydaddy does, so no one is starving.

Anyway . . . they are at the Air and Space Museum. Yesterday, Guy and Lovely did the monuments on their own. Wednesday, before the onset of sickness-that-makes-you-wish-you-could-die, we went to the zoo. It was completely cute to watch how Widget took to Lovely. He doesn't know anyone who is 11. He knows people around his age, and he knows adults. It's been fascinating to watch him make a place for her in his world. It was her hand he reached for (as long as Mommy was in sight), and he sat next to her to watch gorillas.

It all makes me think how great of a big sister she would make.

That is if we could ever get freaking pregnant again.

When I crawled back into bed this morning and Guy asked if I was okay I replied, "Well my ass has stopped exploding, but I just started my period."

He pulled me over onto his chest and rubbed my head.

"2008 will be great."

Optimism can be as catching as this plague. Far far more pleasant though.