Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And you will be happy to know

Guy and I met with a doula tonight. Our childbirth instructor recommended her, and we like her very much. She will be working with us in, oh say, about a month. Egad.

Whymommy asked about our plans. I can't remember the specific question and am far too lazy to go back and look it up, so I'll answer what I think the question was. She puts up with me that way.

Plan #1: Have baby.

Everything else is negotiable.

Of course there is a plan though. Things that we would like to have happen. I understand that you don't have complete control of the situation and the main thing is to have a healthy baby. Right on. I'm just answering a question of what the plan is though, so grain of salt please. We know that it may not go like this, and that will be okay too.

We want to labor at home for as long as possible. The hospital isn't that far away and if I can avoid going in too early, then a lot of the other things I would like to avoid will be obsolete by then.

I don't want an IV or a hospital gown. The IV is not hospital procedure, so I've got back up there, even though our doula said that she has never had a mother at our hospital avoid getting one. I will settle for a hep-loc, I think they are called, as long as they don't put it in my hand.

Laboring in a hospital gown doesn't appeal to me at all. I would like one of my standard camis please. That will be plenty. Again, if I stay home long enough, then I probably won't give a hoot about a gown or no gown by the time we get there. But the girls? They need their support.

I want the option of laboring and giving birth in whatever position works for me. And I don't want the nurses coaching me on pushing and cheering me on. I want to push in my own time and my own rhythm.

When Bird finally makes his appearance, I want him to come straight to me. They can clean him up and check him out right on my chest. The first thing though, is to get him skin to skin and then get to the breastfeeding. Our doula also said that the nurses at this hospital usually try to get you to wait until you are in your postpartum room until breastfeeding. Not sure about the logic of that.

Working towards no drugs. That's the plan.

Want to bring home a healthy and happy Bird. That's the goal.

So whatever. We've prepared as best we can for an experience that we would like to have. I feel like that is the best we can do. And I like doing our best. And planning. I'm a planner.

Except for Guy. He was pure luck. Really good luck.