Friday, December 07, 2007

Nothing to read here

Things you say, things you write, you can't take back. You put them out there, and no matter what your intentions were, it's up to the person listening or reading to interpret it.

So your words are powerful, but you don't hold all the power.

I hurt someone with words today. It's barely midmorning and I'm already on a roll. The thing is, I completely meant to be loving and supportive. Understanding. And I totally screwed it up because I didn't understand exactly how they felt in the first place.

It's been a bad morning.

To start things off, I've had to make hard decisions that make me look weak and small when in reality they are just protecting a little girl who I love very much. But I'm tired of sacrificing. Letting selfishness, immaturity, and instability seem to win out. Of course, it isn't about me, so I will continue to do what is right. It shouldn't be about the adults. It should be about the child. And the child shouldn't have to take care of the adults. It's just sick.

Pathetic is a better word. Tragic would work, except it implies that the situation was unavoidable. Which it isn't.

I digress.

Today, I am wishing that I was better with words. Wishing that I wasn't scared to actually talk versus trying to write everything out.

Wishing that I hadn't misunderstood my friend so much.