Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some blog awardy things

I've been slack on answering memes and such lately. Slack in general. Today though, I discovered two awards that I just can't let slip by without posting them.
First, Mollydoll granted me A Major Award! Knowing how much I love A Christmas Story, this a huge thing. Well, knowing how unstable I've been this past week, I guess it is no surprise that I got a little misty eyed at this beauty:

I'm passing this along to Bubblewench who I just know will love it, and Christine whose new blog is rocking the sphere already.

And then from Bubblewench comes possibly the best award ever created because it has a big ole can of PBR in it. She and CamiKaos make it seem as if they wouldn't drink PBR, but I'm not that kind of girl. No beer snobbery here.

There is no kind of heaven like a giant cold PBR, a hot dog, and seats in the shade for a Durham Bulls game. This is possibly why Guy's dad and I have gotten along from day one. PBR is some serious bonding beer. Kidding.

Without even knowing about my mad PBR drinking skillz, Bubblewench awarded me this.

I'm passing this beauty along to Whymommy who has Mad Cancer Fighting Skillz (plus I just want to see if she'll post an award with a big PBR in it).

Of course Guy is going to get one too because that man has Mad Skillz that I won't be sharing here because my momma reads it.

JJ gets one too, because I would love to have a beer with her sometime and she has Mad Haiku Skillz. Plus, she has a new address and could use the linky love right now, I'm sure.

So enjoy your blog awards, people. Spread the love.

Edited to add: Dang if Bubblewench didn't give Guy the Mad Skillz Award too (for totally different reasons, granted). I missed that at first, but I'm going to leave his as is anyway. Because of the double fisting PBR that you have to do some days.