Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Consumer baby report

Christopher is getting to be a real pro at riding around in his sling. We like our Peanut Shell the best right now, but still use our Lucky and our Moby. The Peanut is just easiest to get in and out of, so around the house I like tossing it on, putting him in, and getting some stuff done.

He can ride facing out now, so he can see the world. That's the part he really likes I think. That, and being snuggled up against his mom. I like the snuggly part.

Now that he's gained a good bit of head control, I'm going to order a Baby Hawk. I say that, but I haven't done it because I keep picking out fabric and then changing my mind. Too many choices.

It's been interesting figuring out what we need and what we don't need. I thought we wouldn't need a lightweight stroller because we got a jogging stroller and I planned to wear him out and about. Turns out a lightweight stroller moved over to the need column when we figured out that going to the mall or to restaurants was much easier if we could put him down in the stroller sometimes.

I didn't think we needed a bouncy seat or a swing because again, I had planned on wearing him while doing housework and such. That's a fine plan, but the bouncy seat we have in the bathroom is divine although hideously ugly. It's nice to be able to pee or put on makeup without a baby strapped to you. The swing we have in the dining room allows for Bird to be part of mealtime without having to be in someone's lap, forcing them to eat with one hand.

Something I have but don't use are baby pants. For some reason, I never put pants on Bird. We have some baby leggings that I made from knee socks, and he wears those if it's cold enough outside. His dad hates them, but I think they are adorable. They also make for much easier diaper changes. Mostly though, we just pop on a onesie and some socks for the day. I love his chubby little thighs.

We got the Moses basket, but don't really use it. He likes his cradle that his dad refinished much better. The crib is used for naps, but we are still mostly co-sleeping at night. The rocking chair gets used for book time, but we swaddle and walk to fall asleep.

I didn't think I would use a breast pump because I thought I would just nurse. My Sil talked me into buying one at an incredible deal at Target. I have used the heck out of it. Turns out he likes to eat a lot in the afternoons. Exactly when I'm teaching.

We are using gDiapers mostly. His dad hates those too, so I keep some disposable on hand for when he's on diaper duty, but I love the gDiapers. They are reusable diapers with flushable inserts. I haven't been flushing the inserts because we have been under a serious drought, but even throwing them away, they only last for 3 days in a landfill. Or you can compost the wet ones. I think it is a great compromise for someone who doesn't want to do cloth diapers but doesn't like the thought of disposable diapers hanging around the planet for 500 years.

A friend came to visit two weeks ago and commented that our house was not overrun with baby things. That made me happy. We have ended up with more baby gear than I anticipated, but overall, it is still our family's house, not just the baby's.