Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Monday

What a very typical Monday.

I put my husband on a plane to fly to the other side of the world and be gone for a week.

When I get home, I get to clean up dog pee from my geriatric pooch.

Right now? I should be working on the symphony scores that needed to be completed some time last week. I should be starting the second one that is simply an empty score right now. I should be being productive.

Instead, I accidentally plugged the headphones into a video jack. Freaked my little Viao right out. The screen looks like it gained 80 pounds. Everything is fat and wide now. And there is no sound.

In case you were wondering, having NO SOUND on your computer doesn't make it a good tool for music composition.

And my computer man, my main IT hot babe, my pc hottie? Is somewhere over the Pacific Ocean right about now. Dammit.

To top it all off, his ex-wife is calling the house leaving screaming voice mails. Someone really should tell her that screaming at people doesn't make them want to return the phone call. Especially from another country. Hey wait, I just did. Excellent.

I'm ready for some warmer weather full of sunshine. Bird and I have some more walking to do. The baby weight is gone. That's not a lot to celebrate though. I would like to put these size 14 jeans away for good. So walk we must. Plus, Bird digs it, and so do I. We like a good long walk.

Tuesday, I have higher hopes for you. An early morning visit from a friend, and later we'll have lunch with Bach. It will certainly be a better day.