Friday, January 12, 2007


Dear Whymommy,

I have a confession to make. I am not a natural blonde. If the shock of that doesn't send you into labor, then I'm afraid nothing will. You knew me best as a blonde thanks to Sun-In. As the years progressed, I had to take more drastic action and sought professional help. Yes, Whymommy, I color my hair.

I know that this is probably a lot for you to take in, and I hope that I haven't upset you too much on the eve of your giving birth and all, but I felt that I had to come clean. You needed to know that I wasn't the "golden girl" that you thought after all.

So there you have it. Yesterday I broke down and succumbed to my roots. With a hint of chesnutty red just for fun. I hope you will still be my friend. You can still make blonde jokes about me, because this doesn't mean I am any smarter.


Tomorrow morning, Whymommy is going in to give birth to her son. Her pregnancy has been very difficult and she has dealt with tough decisions, pain, and every other situation with intelligence and grace. She sent many of you my way lately, and I will be forever grateful. The support you all have shown me has kept me ane and pushed me to keep moving forward. Please stop by and wish her well for tomorrow!

Best of luck, tomorrow, Sweetie. I love you much and can't wait to see your precious Whybaby.