Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My phone hearts Boo

Boo is tiny. She does not look like a child, as sometimes people say she does, rather, she is a petite woman. Very petite and very pretty.

Boo runs marathons. She can wear a 0 petite, and gets some awesome clothes on sale. In the pictures from her wedding, I look a little like Hagrid while helping her into her dress. We are a true Mutt & Jeff.

This past October, we were at a gig at Campbell University (Boo plays violin with the Dude). During a break, her phone kept ringing from a private number, but no one was there when she would answer. It happened three times before I realized that the way my phone was wedged into my purse was causing it to call her, speed dial #9, over and over again. It was me calling. It was me making fun of myself for not answering her when she said "hello."

Today, I was returning fan blades to the Home Depot. While I was completing the transaction, I could hear the faintest sound of Boo's voice.


"Hello, is anyone there?"

Boo was trapped in my purse! She is that small! I had to get her out! Set her free!

Or perhaps it is more truthful that my phone, not being set to keyguard, had simply begun to call her again, and this time even put itself on speaker.

My phone hearts Boo.