Saturday, September 29, 2007

More hell than heaven cake

Tonight has to be the biggest baking disaster I have ever created. Girl shared a recipe for Heaven and Hell cake. It sounded so so good, and I was feeling up to trying something more than cookies or brownies.

Momma will know the first problem when I say that you start by making an angel food cake from scratch. Not my forte. But I keep trying. It didn't taste that bad, but it was the consistency of a thick whoopee cushion.

The devil's food cake turned out so moist and soft that it fell completely apart under the weight of the angel food rubber.

The best part was the peanut butter mousse. I wish that I had just tossed the angel food and spread the peanut butter mousse on the devil's food cake and dipped it in the chocolate ganache. But I didn't. I continued to try and assemble the cake.

The ganache poured off the top and onto the counters. The devil's food gave way under the weight of the angel food and squirted out the sides. A giant glop of it dropped onto Pupstar's back and onto the floor. As much as she shouldn't have chocolate, I was laughing too hard to stop her. Most of it was the peanut butter mousse anyway. She is still trying to lick it off her back.

Forgoing the refridgeration that was the last step because it was too far gone anyhow, I scooped some onto plates for us. True to form, Papa ate his in its entirety and gave a brusque, "What? What's wrong with it?"

I adore him.

Guy and I ate enough bites to determine that it was possibly the worst thing ever to come out of my kitchen and then gave up.

Now, all I have to do is figure out how to get it in the trash without spilling anymore on the dog.


I decided this needed photos.

The angel food cake. Not looking too bad here.

Unfortunately, in about 10 minutes, they looked like this:

Rubber. Scary scary rubber cakes.

This is the oh so yummy peanut butter mousse.

The finished product before attempting to cut. You can see the lump of devil's food cake that are getting ready to squeeze out the sides.

And after cutting, but just before the ganache headed for the counter.

You would think I had never baked anything in my entire life.