Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We bought baby furniture tonight. Just a crib and a changing table. Simple pieces for a small room. Bird now has somewhere to sleep and get his poopy diapers changed.

I don't know if it's because he is bigger or if he is just moving around more, but the past two days have been Little Bird's drum circle all day long. It's pretty cool.

Tomorrow Guy and I are going to tour the Birth Center. If we decide to go there, it will mean leaving my doctor and hooking up with a midwife there. I really like my doctor. A lot. I haven't seen her in months though, and have only a 1 in 7 shot of her actually delivering Little Bird. So I'm not sure liking her is a great reason to stay.

We'll see. We still have to tour the hospital where I'm currently on board to give birth. If I had done this before, then I would know better what I was looking for. Sigh. I just know that I'm not convinced I'm in the right place yet. Maybe I am. I just want to know that I chose it and didn't just take the default.

Back to the nursery, there is also a car seat. And a growing stack of little boy clothes.

It's all starting to be so real.