Monday, September 24, 2007

A really bad day for Shamoopie

It is I, Guy. I am posting for the Shamoopie since she has use of only one hand today. Like the good person she is, she was cooking supper for us when the accident happened. I was reading the recipe to her when the pot ended up on the floor and she went running and crying.

Apparently it's bad to grab a pots handle when it has been in the oven for a while. :) Ouch. She grabbed the handle and then dropped the pot on the floor. Pupstar thought that it was the best thing ever. I was just plain confused as to what was going on. She has been good about keeping ice on it and some aloe. It looks like she will be fine in a few days but until then she is out the use of one hand.

So tonight she was resting on the couch and received an email telling her some really bad news. Her favorite shoe store is closing. No more fabulous boots. :(

We are hoping for a better day tomorrow.