Saturday, September 15, 2007

Team Whymommy in the news

Check this out:

October issue of Parents Magazine

Nice, huh? Thank you, Goody Blog!

The Team Whymommy Roundup has been updated. Remember, I'm looking for that Team Whymommy button to stay in your sidebar so that every time someone visits your blog, they see it. It can link to the Team Whymommy post or to Toddler Planet. Either way is fine by me.

And if you've asked for code and haven't gotten it from me, it's because you've got that "no-reply" going on in your Blogger comments and didn't leave me your email address. Try again please, and I'll be happy to send it!

Don't forget you can order your Team Whymommy t-shirts here. Just the cost of the shirt, no fundraising going on. Simply so you can be stylish and start a conversation about IBC all at the same time.