Saturday, July 07, 2007

Baby Doogal

With the reassuring swish swish nightly, I have found myself actually thinking about what kind of birth would be best for the Little Bird. How is this Bird going to hatch?

Guy feels strongly that it should happen in a hospital, so at least that much is settled. Beyond that though, there seem to be so many decisions to make. So much information. And so many opportunities to doubt myself.

I've bought a book. One book. It's about natural childbirth. I haven't started reading it yet.

I've contacted a doula. A few doulas. One that I like as much as you can like a person through their emails. I haven't met with her yet.

There is plenty of time. Of course, when I look back in January and review my archives, I will laugh at that statement I'm sure. There is plenty of time.

I have a sneaking suspicion that yoga is going to take a strong role in labor and delivery. This comforts me as it took a strong role in my healing this year too. The suggestion to try yoga came from my friend Girl.

Speaking of Girl the Great, on July 5, at 11:29 PM, Girl gave birth to Doogal. He is beautiful little boy. He is my July baby, and I cannot wait to watch him grow up.

You see, back in January, there was a mom, a pregnant mom, who was not scared to reach out to me. She didn't worry that she would say the wrong thing. She didn't worry that she wouldn't know what to say. She warned me that she was crazy, and I said that crazy didn't scare me. She isn't, by the way. I wanted Doogal to be the baby I would wait for in July. She welcomed me along for the ride and has been a wonderful friend ever since.

So it is with a very full heart that I welcome little Doogal. A healthy, happy, July baby boy. Thank you for sharing, Girl.

Now, can you teach me how to give birth?