Monday, July 02, 2007

June Perfect Post Awards

Dude. I was so supposed to wait and post this on Monday. It fits right in with me getting this whole nominating thing wrong every month though. Just wait until next month. I'll do something really stupid then. Changing the date and bumping up now.

I've had a hard time figuring out what to say about my nomination for the June Perfect Post Awards. I chose a post from a blogger that I just recently started reading. Although I had been to her website before, it was earlier in the year, and I was in no shape to read about little Shalebug.

Something brought me back though. And I did read. And I'm glad.

Neat Feet, my pick for Perfect Post this month, is full of memories and realizations. The picture of Bug's foot is hard to look at, and Redneck Mommy knows that. But what I get from that picture is how deep her love went. And how it she learned to love him right down through his toes.

I think what I really love about this post though are the connections that are made. From mother to child. From mother to mother. From child to child. From family to family. The connections weave in and out of the people in this story just like I envision Redneck Mommy's love for Bug weaving through him, into every tiny crevice. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Besides, who really cares what I have to say about the post? You should just go read the post yourself. Grab a tissue on your way over though. It's a tearjerker.

For more good reading and perfect posts, go visit Lindsey and MommaK who kindly sponsor the Perfect Post Awards each month.