Thursday, July 12, 2007

Because of you. And you. And you.

There was nothing that I thought I needed, but so much that I received. Guy showed up with roses anyway. Because I didn't need them.

The morning was spent with a good friend and sweet little girls (and JD too).

The early afternoon was spent finding love and support splattered all over my computer screen. There were emails, a card from Boo, a post at the board which shall not be named, a voicemail from Whymommy (who on this day, was thinking of her friend if you can imagine that), and the ever wonderful comments.

The late afternoon was spent introducing Lovely to the yumminess of gelato. And then at the pool swimming with Guy and Lovely and watching the two of them construct intricate noodle apparatuses and float each other through the water.

The evening was spent at our favorite Chinese restaurant giggling over spicy mustard and Lovely's creative use of chopsticks.

And now I sit on the bed, sandwiched between husband and dog, reflecting on the day.

As a day goes, it really wasn't that bad. So, thank you. All of you. Each of you. You are so incredible.

And yes, Whymommy. Soon, we will start toasting this day as the day we overcome fear. It will be the anniversary of your fight and a date for my first baby. A bittersweet day to remember innocence lost, things we didn't want to learn, and finding hope where you don't expect it.