Friday, July 20, 2007

Team Whymommy Gear

There are finally some shirts ready to go via cafepress.

These are not to raise money for anything; they are being sold at the base price. They are only to upgrade your already stylin' wardrobe, and promote awareness of IBC and our darling WhyMommy.

I apologize for not having them done in ample time for Blogher. I am a total loser for that. However, if you really do want one for Blogher, you could order it today and have it shipped to your hotel. Which is what I am doing.

If you aren't going to Blogher, we will miss you greatly, but I hope you will buy a shirt anyway so that people will stop you and ask questions. We want for more and more people to be aware of IBC. Raising awareness is one of the most important jobs we have. That, and keeping WhyMommy in good spirits.

Major thanks to Izzy for fixing the logo for the shirts. She rocks my socks.