Thursday, July 19, 2007

More than 1000 words

Little Bird has started to look like a real person. A little baby. There are words that describe how it makes me feel, but I don't know what they are yet. Maybe they are just too personal for even this space here. I can say that I love that little bird. That little baby.

She lay perfectly still while the ultrasound tech measured her. She measured 13w1d, a little big. Momma reminded me that Bro and I were both long babies. Tall people in the making. That will be fine with me.

When it was time to check the heartbeat though, Bird squirmed and squirmed. Which made me laugh. Which made Bird squirm some more, and when I stopped laughing, she had turned herself over and was completely mooning us. With a couple of pokes, she turned back over, but you could tell it was reluctant.

Little Bird already showing her butt. That. Is a vote for nature over nurture if I've ever heard one.