Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Because I need more than 100 blogs in my reader

A friend of mine asked me in an email today if blogging "made me write." She is a writer. Like a for real honest to goodness talented superb writer. So I told her yes it did, and that she should start a blog (for the millionth time already). Besides, you couldn't make up the stuff that happens in her life. It is amazing. She should have one blog where all she does is post the emails that her ex-husband sends to her. Then we could all write our fake email responses in the comments section. Just for kicks.

In particular, I think that people with funny stories should share. I suppose it is selfish, but I can't help it. I really like to laugh. Love to laugh. It's why I thought Guy should blog. Because he makes me laugh.

Speaking of laughing, another friend of mine did in fact start a blog. An internet friend, but a friend nonetheless. She has just had a baby girl, and is somehow still finding time to make me laugh so hard I snort and wet my pants a little. I've got to do more kegels.

There is this one story about the satellite company and how they wouldn't come get their equipment - wait - you really should just go read it for yourself. Karma is a bitch. But oh so funny.