Sunday, August 19, 2007

Through a window

There is a woman I know. Part of a woman that I know. As she will so clearly tell you, a blog is only a tiny window into someone's life. Lucky for me, she lets me peek into a couple of other windows as well.

Recently, I read something somewhere about how people who haven't met in real life cannot be your friends. I'm not disagreeing with that 100%, but I think it is too general of a statement. Of course I think this because of Girl.

I'm sitting here trying to think of how to convey the impact she has had in my life since January, but everything I think of to say, I end up wanting to keep to myself. Tucked into the place of my heart reserved for warm fuzzies. I don't want to share because it's little pieces of treasure. She is made up of little pieces of treasure.

When she hurts, my heart hurts. When she has a good day, I share her joy. The pictures she takes warm me through and through, and where she struggles to even call herself a photographer, I call her an artist.

There are words, sentences, paragraphs that she has written that helped me put one foot in front of the other months ago, and I don't think she knows that. Even if she did, she would never admit to anyone, including herself that it was true. So I say it here. It is true.

So when this came the other day, I sat down and cried. Just a few tears. Because it made me so happy, but it also made me miss her so very much.

She made this. For Little Bird. Who she always believed would be here, and she never stopped telling me that.

It's an important thing to a first time mom with a loss. Reminding her that there is hope. And Girl does that all to well. Then when the hope sees you through, she is there with the celebrations.

Call her what you will in my life. An internet buddy. A pen pal. A blog friend. I call her a blessing. A blessing that I will sit down with one day in person, and we'll be lucky enough to already know one another.