Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Turkish predictions

I'm back from another OB visit. I finally gained some weight. Three pounds.

Nurse Whisper took me back today. I'm sure she's a very sweet lady, but I just can't like her very much because of my initial introduction to her.

Today, Little Bird played a mean trick on her. She was using the doppler to find Bird's heartbeat. I have to admit, my own doppler sounds a million times better than theirs and seems to be easier to use.

Nurse Whisper couldn't find the heartbeat.

Of course, she was looking way too high. I know where Bird likes to hang out, and it is down low, just off center from my belly button. Nurse Whisper was looking way too high.

I just lay there quietly and let her search for about 3 minutes. When I could tell she was getting frustrated, I gently said, "You might want to look lower. That's where I usually find it."

Another five minutes goes by, and nothing. She keeps wiping her brow and trying not to glance at me. I'm just laying back grinning. Because she is moving the thing so quickly, she has missed the heartbeat about 3 times at this point. I could hear it, just one blip of it, and I knew what it was even as she was flying past it.

I started to tell her where it was again, but decided to just be still and quiet. Let Little Bird have her fun.

She finally found it, and the exhale she let out could have taken care of a 90 year old's birthday candles. She said, "I was scared I wasn't going to find it."

I said, "I knew it was there."

About halfway through her counting, Bird moved. I thought Nurse Whisper was going to chuck the doppler across the room. She turned to me and told me not to move. I couldn't help but laugh. I apologized and lay still, even though it wasn't me moving in the first place, and she finally got the heart rate.

152. And she said it sounded "just perfect."

Several years ago, a Turkish friend of mine used my wedding ring to predict how many children I would have and what their genders would be.

As the ring swung over my palm in a circle that got bigger and bigger and bigger, she clicked her tongue and said, "Oh dear."

What, 'oh dear?' What do you mean?

She said, "My angel. You will have a girl. A very very naughty girl."

We'll see if she's right about the girl on September 5. We already know about the naughty part.